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Martin Herterich / Gustav Franklin – Split Cassette

September 18, 2010

After almost a year of silence (at least in terms of releasing stuff), I’m happy to say that my brand new cassette release is out now on the mysterious Stockholm-based label UYSD.

It’s a split release with my good friend Gustav Franklin, and his side is a complete killer. Creepy minimal stuff, but still endlessly beautiful. You’ll love it. It also contains a 12 page full color booklet with beautiful artwork courtesy of UYSD headquarters.

If you want a copy, contact me or the label UYSD:

Oh, and it’s a limited edition of 20 hand-numbered copies, so you have to be quick.

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  1. December 29, 2011 9:19 pm

    There are will be a digital download?
    It’s just… You have a two beautiful albums (as far is i know) but only on limited edition witch sold out long time ago. Some artist release old albums on bandcamp after run out of cds.

    If take me for example, when i discovered independent music i like, i try to find label where i can by a CD or legal digital download. But when found out that all cd is out of stock and never be printed again my only option is find some mediafire links and stuff…

    And again, i some time reviewed music from my collection. So when i decided to write a few words about your album ‘Estonia’ i realized that it will be no since. Because is like i will say: “album is great, but you never get it”.

    Just a quiet advice.
    You still doing great and i wait for you album and hope i will don’t miss it.


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